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Courbet SA is a real estate company specialises in special situation real estate. The strategy consists in acquiring assets affordably in well-known cities, leveraging their underlying market value. Through strategic repositioning and renovations, the team is dedicated to enhance their value, either through building rights and sales or by entrusting management to a hotel group when the property is a hotel.

With 30 years of real estate investment expertise in Prague, Berlin, Hvar, Warsaw, Austin (Texas) etc., Jean-François Ott, owner of Courbet, and his team fundamentally composed of men and women with extensive experience in real estate, restructuring, and turnarounds invest in high-potential properties that need to be renovated and repositioned.

Courbet is the vehicle listed on Euronext Access Paris (ISIN: FR0004998318 – MLCOU) that carries Jean-François Ott’s investments.

Who we are

Jean-François OTT, Chairman

Jean-François Ott is a visionary entrepreneur whose specialty is the revitalization of unexploited properties, transforming them into assets with high development potential.

In 1991, he founded ORCO Properties Group with the acquisition of his first building in Prague. Starting from nothing, Jean-Francois OTT went on to build ORCO into the largest real estate company in Central and Eastern Europe and Germany with an international portfolio of 200 residential, commercial and hotel projects totaling 4 billion euros of investment. ORCO is a listed company currently valued at 7 billion euros. Jean-François OTT left his position at ORCO in 2014 to pursue new projects.

Now based in the south of France, Jean-François Ott is the majority shareholder of Courbet, a public company listed on Euronext Access, in which he undertakes to search for, acquire and revalue dormant properties with high potential.

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Our Team

of experts


Jean-François OTT

Executive Chairman


Anna Albelo

Head of Finance and Administrative


Michael Benmoussa

Administrator & co-CEO


Emmanuel Blouin



Brad Taylor

Business Counsel


Patrick Mota

General Manager of The Hollywood Hotel Cannes


Martin Breevaart

General Manager in La Bourboule


Vit Vondracek



Rebecca Chaussat

Head of Communication & Marketing

Stefan Alexandre

Stéphane Alexandre

Head of Legal

Lilian Di Fruscia

Lilian Di Fruscia

Executive Assistant

Angelique Corona

Angélique Corona

Administrative and Finance Manager

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